August 19, 2009

MediaFire - File Storage

The other day I opened a few account with MediaFire, this account allows me to upload, store and share my large files and images and I can also organise these files with folders (MediaFire, 2009). MediaFire is another online ‘hard drive’ like storage device that I can assess anywhere in the world on any computer. With its security settings I can choose to hide my files from the public eye and just use it to sort them, or I can activate individual ones for all to view. This is much like Mahara except it is a free account. The only fact that would concern me would be that it does not seem as secure; Mahara is a paid account and ensures that my documents are safe. Despite this factor, I would still use this tool in sharing large impersonal and private content that would be too be to transfer through email or to a large group.

Using this technology tool in the classroom would be a lot easier to implement then Mahara and more cost efficient. The learners can use this tool to store and sort their work, research tasks and images. This allows the learners to assess their information from their home without transporting it in their school bags and losing it. As the Learning Manager I would use this tool to upload criteria sheets, research articles, website hyperlinks and more resources that would support the learners’ journey through tasks, assessment and homework. Another advantage would be to upload documents that are handed out and used in the class for later reference, learners who somehow loose them and the ones that are absent so they do not miss out.

Water Cycle Diagrams is a hyperlink to documents that I used in a SOSE lesson and uploaded through MediaFire. Having these sorts of resources continually available will give the learners the essentials that are required for each subject and enable them to undertake self studies and refreshments around assessment or exam time.

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