August 19, 2009

Google Earth

Last week I downloaded Google Earth to my computer. This is such an amazing tool that can be used for both my personal and professional experiences. Technology is increasing extremely fast and the more I think about it the easier it is to almost literately get from one side of the world to the other with just a few clicks. It is amazing how much information is built into this one program from the Earth, Sky, Mars and the Moon. I am able to take a tour through the streets of any nation in different views of 3D, satellite imagery, maps, and terrain. I can also surf the sky’s galaxies and dive deep down in the ocean. This pedagogy tool is so amazing that there are endless possibilities of using it in my classroom, Google Earth for Educators, shows great examples of how to implement it is the classroom. As I journey through more understandings of how this tool can be implemented I will continual reflect upon my experience and seek out my colleagues’ to gain a wider range of understanding and expertise.

Google Earth can be used as a great resource in the learning journey of the year five unit, ‘Around the World in Ninety Days’. As previously talked about, the learners are required, through the Engagement Theory (Kearsley, & Shneiderman, 1999) to develop an itinerary and then explore each country that they visit. This tool will enable the learners to graphically identify their itinerary as they can save their journey. Together as a team the learners will endure collaborative, learner centered experiences that will benefit them through the processes taught and in the use of such a globally interactive tool that has “over 400 million product activations worldwide” (Google Earth, 2009).

This Learning Journey into new technologies tools is increasing my professional pedagogy strategies and resources, but I must not let these tools miss direct my thinking away from the reasoning’s why I am using them in the classroom. As a Learning Manager it is my responsibility to provide worthwhile, real and engaging resources to my learners that will support them in achieving the essential learnings.

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