August 19, 2009

Incompetech - Using Music on the Web

Royalty is paid to artists when their music is used in public and for other reasons that are not under the copyright law. If their music is used without this, it becomes an illegal crime with server penalties that will be enforced. It is my job as a Learning Manager to ensure that the correct procedures and copyright laws are not misused, abused or broken in my classroom. I must ensure that I am using resources that have been identified as royalty free or that I have received permission from the artists or authors to use their products.

Royalty free music can be found at Incompetech and other places such as Jimmy Gelhaar, Jon Roberts, Anthony Kozar, audionautix, and Danosongs. These sites realise that schools need plenty of resources to support and enhance the curriculum implementations, but are also aware that they cannot afford to pay large sums of money for royalties. Incompetech has acquired a licence that enables them to give away the music rights, otherwise known as royalty free music (Incompetech, n/d), at no cost expect an optional donation.

Incompetech (n/d) has a large range of music styles to choose from. In the younger grades, music is used in the classroom a lot through games, transitions, relaxation times and other activities. Music helps my learners engage, claim down and to get stirred up. One of the main areas that I would use this recourse of royalty free music is in the first five to ten minutes after lunch and morning tea times, as it claims the children down and gets them ready for learning. As the Learning Manager I can do this in a few different ways, the learners can come in after lunch, find a spot in the room and quietly read while soothing music plays in the background. Other times I would get the learners to lie down on the floor and with the music softly going, I would read a meditating book of descriptive stories, so when the learners sit up, they can express how they felt and what pictures they formed in their minds when they listened to the story.

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